Mobile Development

Today the online presence is more important than ever, and the business owners are obligated to use all possible ways in order to reach more and more customers and users by introducing sophisticated products, services and augmented user experience. The mobile applications are one already proven way for that.

According to MacWorld the number of mobile users around the world in 2019 is over 4 billion. 95 % of this market is shared between the two main platforms –  iOS for Apple and Android for Google. The market share is 75:20 in favor of Android.

Creative Brains owns huge amount of experience and know-how for these most used mobile platforms – iOS and Android.

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Software development


  • Java and all its major attendant standards
  • .Net
  • Open source combined solutions – that includes mixed N-tier architectures.  We can even mix Unix, Linux and Windows and that depends on the customer needs.
  • Embed platforms – like single board computers (SBC) and printed circuit boards (PCB) and their integration in more complex systems.

Digital Marketing

Live is very intensive, we receive information via a lot of channels and we more and more like to consume goods. This is good for business but that provoke a great amount of people to try selling their products and services. Who will be the winner? – The one with right digital marketing strategy. Here are some of the main parts of the digital marketing that our team can help you with:

  1. Digital Advertising
  2. PPC adds
  3. Building Brand Awareness
  4. Content Writing and marketing
  5. Social Media Management
  6. Digital Marketing strategies
  7. Google Adwords Management
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SEO creative brains


Search engine optimization is a process of optimization of your website. Search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Google have algorithms based on which they decide which content is more relevant to users search and show it. With the SEO we optimize the content and structure of your site or online store in order to be easily for search engines to craw and rank it. This will increase quality and quantity of your traffic which means that you will get more organic traffic. For online shops this also means more sales and less investments for paid search.

How we do it?

  1. SEO Аnalysis – we believe in the efficiency of our service and admire the first step that you make in improving your results in organic search that’s it is free for you.
  2. SEO Optimization – the most important part, based in the analyse and your goas we start to work on the content and/or structure of your website.
  3. Link – building – it could be part of the optimization or to be used separately.

UX Services

The UX is the key player for business in the competition to gain more clients and when each customer DOES matter. Why? Because each happy customer will produce additional customers to your business and this process may continue infinitely. In the begging it was matter just of visual presentation and marketing, but today this is not enough!

Each customer is human being. Each customer is driven by different purposes, goals and shares different ideas, but has one goal – to provide positive emotion when that customer is using their product or the service.

Based on our experience we define some key features that are important for good user experience:

  1. Psychological profiling and observation of end users
  2. Process review
  3. Visual review
  4. Analyzing existing life data
  5. Take decision and direction
  6. And many more small details that we can help you also!
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Quality assurance creative brains

Quality Assurance

We are ISTQB® and CMMI certified with more than a decade of experience in any aspect of Software QA & QE. Our team has expertise in all side of Systems development life cycle (SDLC) which differs us from standard QAs blackbox service providers on the market. If you want bulletproof Software, excellent Analyses, Security from Alcatraz, Performance like V8 engine, Load of a rocket, Automation like a charm, Documentation like a song  do not hesitate even for a moment, go ahead and contact us today.

Here is a short list of or experience:

  1. Load and Performance testing
  2. Installation and configuration testing
  3. Boundary testing
  4. Code Coverage and runtime analysis
  5. Compliance testing
  6. Smoke and unit testing
  7. Localization testing
  8. Manual & Regression testing
  9. Etc….

IT consultancy

We offer a wide range of IT consulting services that will help your business run faster and more efficiently.

Contemporary information technologies are practically enormous and offer many different approaches, but only an expert with a wealth of experience and knowledge can indicate the most appropriate and appropriate solution for you. Our team work with the most advanced technologies in the world, such as Microsoft, Oracle, Google, and others, and we are always ready to help you with:

  1. Integration with external systems
  2. Security audit and analyzing of the access levels to the company’s sensitive data
  3. IT infrastructure management
  4. Business intelligence and data warehousing
  5. Project Management
  6. Maintain and Design system and network infrastructure
  7. R&D
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