Case Studies

CreativeBrains Ltd. is participating in many projects funded by public, private organisations and European Commission. We’re proud that all case studies are successful!

With each project we learn something new and give a piece of our heart and soul to the world.



Participation: Sub-Contractor

Field: Nuclear

Year: 2018-2019

Goals: Design of the  platform technical specification and the acceptance testing guidelines.  Development of  a Mobile Application as part of the ITS platform

Results: The project is successfully finished in time

Description: ITS is a platform based on Project MC5.01/15B Support To Southern African States In Nuclear Safety And Safeguards. The platform monitors the transportation of  uranium oxide concentrate (UOC) across the territory of multiple African states. Each transportation vehicle is equipped with GPS which reports to the platform the current location and smart phone with mobile application for easy communication with the platform HQ and reporting incidents. The project is funded by the European Commission.

People Meter

Local and Global TV network content owners, distributors, IPTV providers

Design and development of IPTV people metric platform which covers advertisement analytic and track people metrics end to end. Target market – original content producers and owners, distributed over local or nationwide cable networks.

We have designed full technical documentation including detailed Requirements and Specifications covers 100% on the customer needs. The platform is designed to cover over of 10000 panelists and analyze the video content that they watch in real time.  The design eco system was capable to cover more than 100 simultaneous channels and monitor more than 10000 panelists (end-users).

The entire platform includes server and database platform and people meter box domestic side which is mounted between the IPTV STB and the TV and it operates with the HDMI signal. This gives significant independency for the people metric agencies when they need to deal with vast number of iptv providers.



Participation: Sub-Contractor

Field: Green Energy

Year: 2013-2014

Goals: We have been hired as a sub contractor and our main tasks were to audit the current state of the project, analysing the technical specification, make a guidance to the team, engage all unresolved technological impediments and ensure the platform responds to all requirements and specifications

Results: Regard our involvement, the Eagle Solar project has been successfully released in time

Description: Eagle Solar is an end user oriented online platform for helping people to easily identify and evaluate the roof of their properties in order to choose appropriate photovoltaic and solar thermal panels. Thanks to the integration of several public databases, the platform is capable to calculate the exact cost of the entire setup, the generated energy, ROI and many more parameters. The project is funded by the European Commission  – Seventh Framework Programme

Virtual Mall Automation Testing

Participation: Sub-Contractor

Field: Software Testing

Year: 2012-2013

Goals: Selenium Automation Testing

Results: 95% code coverage of the entire platform which includes the public site and the private administration

Description: The Virtual Mall is an innovative platform, combining e‐commerce and mobile payments into a flexible, balanced and secure system, beneficial for all participants – banking institutions, merchants and consumers. The successful implementation of business model creates a scalable and feature‐rich commercial environment (both mobile and web), where every merchant can gain access to a new target group with potential clients. On the other hand, these clients have a much better buying power because of the successful integration between the platform and the banks, allowing for them to have secure access to financing. This encourages them to consume, increases the volume of sales.