VASIL TABAKOV, Co-Founder of STLab

It is a distinct pleasure to recommend the work of CreativeBrains with aspects to test automation done in one of the key projects upon my management. In my capacity as Project QA Lead responsible for Commercial Application Development of a virtual mall, I have worked closely with CreativeBrains for a couple of years (2012-2013).

CreativeBrains are outstanding consultants who continuously exceed the expectations set for their test automation tasks. CreativeBrains willingly accept challenging assignments and offers to contribute where ever they can. CreativeBrains have demonstrated excellent programming and analytical skills which are very essential to address the constantly evolving client’s business requirements. The best thing I noticed in them is their insatiable zeal to learn latest technical skills, technology stacks and tools and offer better solutions.

CreativeBrains have a clear standing of the software engineering principles and their ability to apply them to solve problems reflects their excellent analytical abilities. CreativeBrains team desire to share their knowledge with peers, clarity in communicating their ideas and ability to systematically deal with a problem at hand make their team suitable for team work.

CreativeBrains team consist of persons that possess persevering nature, well-balanced personality and eagerness to excel in research and advanced studies. They will undoubtedly utilize every opportunity to expand their technical horizons.

In view of the above stated, I am pleased to recommend CreativeBrains as industrious and reliable professionals, who, undoubtedly, would turn into a valuable credit to any business.